Textural problems...

I am learning a bit about blender form cthames tutorials but I can’t find anything on this… so please look at the file and help me fix this textural nightmare.


fpsbuild.blend (212 KB)

and yes the weapon is a plank and it won’t texture itself properly.

Oops… forgot to pack the textures (and yes they are made by me and I know its the most unprofessional wood you’ve ever seen.


fpsbuild.blend (226 KB)

you need to UV map your “log” under “Map Input” you need to select “UV” not “Orco” set the scaling to 1 not 10 and download a wood texture

a better texture and it still happens. look…:eyebrowlift2:


fpsbuild.blend (240 KB)

You need to unwrap you model…


K got it Unwraped now its fine.