Texture 2 sides of a plane

i want to uv unwrap both sides of plane. how would i go about doing that?
edit: what i mean is, both sides of a plane should have a different uv texture.

You can’t. A plane by definition only has one side. Drawing a double sided plane happens during the render process, so you can’t give the “other side” another material. Your only option is to create another plane.

yes, i figured as much, so i just extruded the plane very slightly.

That’s wasteful. You should copy the relevant faces in the same place and invert the normals.


It goes somewhat that way:

Use a geometry node. The front/back output as factor for a mix node, where you mix the two UV textures, conveniently the UV coordinates are supplied from the geometry node.

Works also for backface-culling (finally a simple setup for that).

[]aba: then i would have two intersecting planes, no? and then you get those horrible flashing black artifacts.

any “plane” would have some thickness in reality, thats how you have to think of it.
extrude a plane a lttle bit, i am not sure what the minimum is but probaply 0,001 measures
and work with that. there isnt no other way unless you use layers or python codeing i think.
although maybe it could be just, yes it could be just the same plane but with inverted normal, that should work
oh , already mentioned. i dont see why any artifacts would be in this scenario

I thought that only happens when the faces have the same normals. Why would it happen if you only see one face at any one time?

[]Aba: dunno, i’ll try it. thanks for your help!