Texture an image+ kaboom

Hi, I’m new with blender, but I have learned the basics, but I whould be very happy if someone can make a tutorial or videotutorial about how to do this in blender (if possible) http://www.nccinema.ch/efx14.html


The original thread was “Object to particals” in the Blender General Forum.

Hope this helps get you started :smiley:

P.S. - I might suggest that in the future you try and do a search (the thin yellow section at the top of the forum sections) on the keywords of your subject. This might speed things up for you a bit. The users of this forum are a great bunch of people, who can be of great aid in getting you started and helping you along. The “Work in Progress” forum is a great place to show how it’s going. I hope you can take some constructive criticism? :wink:

I can’t find anything… Pleace help me. :frowning:

Just right click on the URL in my last post and save it to your hard drive. It is a blend file from theeth demonstrating dissolving an object into particals.

If that isn’t enough for you, just do a google search for blender and dissolve … haven’t done this myself, but it ought to help you.

I hope this gets you going in the right direction.

The url aint working

I have the blend file, but I don’t have a web site I can post it on. If you email me, I’ll reply with the blend file attached.