Texture and emission in cycles

I would like to make a back drop out of a gradient and have it emit the colours in the gradient.
i have it setup as an emission shader and as a colour im using my texture.This doesnt seem to work and it gives me no light or texture at all. how do i make this work?

Thanks in advance.

This can be done purely with nodes, but if you are using an image texture you need to unwrap the plane first. Did you? Failing that post the blend or your node setup. Make sure to choose coordinates uv, and tab back into object mode before test rendering.

this is the file

the back drop is what i want the texture emission on

You have no vector setting for the texture. By default it’s set to UVs but the plane is not uv unwrapped. Either unwrap the plane or input an appropriate Texture Coordinate node.

You also didn’t include the textures so the screenshot shows a dummy texture with the plane unwrapped

That’s what I told you to do! If you aren’t even going to try suggestions, why post?