Texture and lighting grief

Hey Everyone,

I should know this, but I can’t figure it out… I’m having a lot of trouble with textures and lighting. Specifically, certain faces going very dark at certain angles and distances. Below is an example :


It’s the same face in both of the red circles, nothing has changed except the position of the camera. Btw, the lighting is just three hemis spread in front of the unit and up a bit :


I’m using the internal renderer, and I have ambient occlusion turned on. Having said that, I’ve tried a number of combos of the internal renderer, yafray, ambient occlusion, yafray GI etc etc and seem to have the same problem in all of them.

Knowing blender, there’s a magic little button tucked away somewhere that will make everything ok. Does anyone know where it is (or whats going on and how to fix it?).

Any help would be hugely appreciated, this scene is an important step for me in switching to using blender (instead of max) for commercial work.

Simon O

I think this maybe one of these “double faces”-problems again.
Take a look here:
Perhaps this may solve your problem.

D’OH d’oh D’OH d’oh D’OH d’oh D’OH d’oh

I had ‘set smooth’ on. Setting it to ‘set solid’ has solved everything…

Cheers :o)
Simon O

hmm, okay. :slight_smile:
nevertheless you should perhaps look for doubles. they can sometimes cause weird problems. :wink: