texture and material node tutorials?

I cant find any good tuts on using nodes for texture and material,anyone know of any?

Hi sethjames9000,

Sadly there are few and far between, generally most of what I’ve gleamed is from tuts that focus on something else but also touch on node set ups. Blender Guru (Andrew Price) does a mix of various node stuff in his tutorials, but sadly there just isn’t much around. Personally I’d love more info on compositing node set ups including reflection and shadow passes - Guess I’ll just have to experiment more until there’s more available.

I also think it’s a pain as Cycles is and will be very node based and there’s still so little on nodes for that too - I feel like the node system in blender leaves a lot of us in the dark, shame as it seems so powerful in the right hands.

My list of node set up I know are:
Scene Bloom
Spec Bloom
Basic shadow compositing with photo background
Colour Correction
Colour Grading

Can’t think of much else, and I never really did much materials node set ups until Cycles came along. Maybe we need a list of all this stuff in blendswap, or maybe even in a post here with screen shots and instructions - here’s hoping! :wink:

I know it is paid, but sabastian Koenig has an amazing tutorial on cmivfx.com. Again, it is paid, but it is incredible for learning compositing. He covers render passes and render layers in incredible detail along with the theory behind it and even pixel math. I can’t recommend it enough. He wraps up with showing how to bring Blender objects into motion tracked footage and how to use the render passes to match the colors, environment lighting, shadows, etc.

He does not, however, cover material nodes. It is compositing nodes. Perhaps the knowledge would transfer? I haven’t worked much with material nodes.


Like I said, there’s very few tutorials :wink:

I didn’t bother listing all of them, I have more important things to do. The number of actual tutorials is of zero importance. There’s hardly a huge amout to learn. Know the basics of each node and start experimenting with them.
I’d suggest the first thing users should do is learn how to use a search engine, something that appears to be lacking for about 90% of users.

No need to be sarcastic Richard, maybe you’re missing the point - I’ve been at blender for maybe 4 years or more now, and I still think there is little in the way of tuts that go in depth with nodes in blender. For noobs it’s a real shame because it’s obviously where blender is going to go esp with Cycles.

A list of what all the nodes do, doesn’t really explain what to connect to what, to do the a desired effect. Then when you add things like Render Layers for compositing nodes it can get quite difficult for even the seasoned blender user. Just take a look at the various competitions over the last year and you’ll see very few, if any entry using nodes to enhanse their renders.

I’ve recently asked several questions here in this forum regarding node set-ups and render layers - Motion tracking, shadows and reflections passes etc, maybe you’d be surprised but I’ve had very little response. Most users I’ve talked to still struggle with nodes, maybe you’re the master and have it all sussed, good for you - but I think it’s unfiar to slate others that are having trouble and simply suggest they’re too lazy to search, even that they may need to learn how to use a search engine. Suggesting that 90% of users here don’t look for some answers first, is shameful for you to say that.

If everyone was enlightend as you, then what would be the point of this blenderartists.org? :frowning:

I think the tutorial I mentioned from Koenig might scratch the particular itch you have. It is really comprehensive. The other thing that is good is Blender Guru’s “The Wow Factor.” It’s an ebook and costs money, but he shows how to use nodes to accomplish specific visual effects. Actually, a lot of his tutorials finish up with showing how to use nodes to achieve certain effects.

But honestly, Koenig’s tutorial is just amazing and I now feel confident I can use nodes to get what I want. Specifically his discussion of how to use render passes to individually modify the AO, environment lighting, specularity, diffuse, etc. I haven’t seen that stuff anywhere else (and I’ve watch a lot of tutorials - of course, maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places).

I understand not everyone wants to pay for tutorials/books/videos/etc. And this particular one is darn expensive ($50 USD). But if I had someone come to me and say they really wanted to take their work to the next level in terms of it’s visual impact, I’d say spend the money. No regrets, just do it.

The bonus of combining it all to insert cgi elements into motion tracked footage is probably worth the price alone. But the difficulty of color matching, shadow matching, etc. really provides a great example of how to use complicated node setups to get very specific effects.

If you are just looking for things like vingettes, lens flares, dof, etc., then The Wow Factor is probably a pretty good place to get it. I can’t remember how good the explanation is, but it’s one place that’s available.

Oh, Koenig’s video has a teaser trailer so you can see the general idea of what he covers.

I have purchased The Wow factor and feel pretty comfortable with compositing nodes but that is a totally different subject than material nodes.
I’ve also already looked at all those tutorials which are either outdated and or very vague on the subject.
Maybe blender guru will make a tutorial on this subject.