texture and model

I have this model i have made with the picture beside it as an example but i haven got a clue how to make a texture for it. I’ve tried nor settings and image texture and a stucci texture but i cant get it like the picture or anyway near it, any suggestions please? or a hint?


Thanks whatsoever!

That statue appears to be made of bronze,…and it’s lumpy,…so,…very tricky. First you have to make a good bronze material,…make it chestnut brown, and fool with the color of the specularity,…I would think a subtle clouds map with a low depth setting, set to nor would work, but you might have to subdivide your mesh, and use disp mapping. another option would be to use ‘select random’ then ‘alt S’ on parts of your mesh that you wanted to be lumpy. Anyway, I think you should study an actual bronze material for the best results,…you may even want to add a touch of reflection in it,…but to get the mir and spec colors right,…best to look at some real bronze.

thanks for the quick reply…going to try your options…think its going to be a matter of trial and error.