Texture Animation Question

I tried doing a search on this subject, but couldn’t find anyhting

Anyways my question is: Is there a way to play, pause, stop, resume etc, texture animations? Or are they constantly running

i think i have seen this done with a script, i cant find it :frowning:

Definetly a script, DocHoliday wrote it, search for posts by him with “animated textures” or something.


Yep, I’ve got a bunch of tests in a .blend file that show many ways to animate a texture using animated textures and even use python. I’ll post it when I found it on my pc in my huge blender resource folder. :smiley:

Please post that file - I can’t find any good help about animated textures. All the links that say “go here for info” are down for some reason.

post … post … post … post


For tutorial animted textures:
Scrolling textures check:
More effects:

I don’t know if they all work in blender 2.34, didn’t tested yet. Have fun :stuck_out_tongue:

All those links are not responding… :frowning:

Sorry - proxy error on my part :expressionless:

Yeah sorry for that try again now. I was restarting the server. :-?

Great demos - thanks.

A question:
wave_watereffect_2.25.blend : when I play it, the screen is black. Is this a fault with my GL maybe?

the 2.25 behind it says what it supports :smiley: No idea why it turns black in 2.34 but I’ll fix that someday when it’s an official BR source. 8)

cool - just fishing :wink:

Thanks, I was looking for tutorials about that also.