Texture animation

I Havn’t tried it yet, mainly cos i don’t know how :smiley:
I wanted to make smoke and fire, whats the best way to do it??
I also have a camera problem, i want to change my scene to a different scene, but the scene may have more than one camera, how do i change to a specific camera in a new scene?
hope that makes sense
thanks for the help on my last post :wink:

You can hace a look at my Fire Demo at my Website. Maybe, it gives You some Inspiration. I don’t have an Answer to Your Cam Problem, sorry.


For your cam problem just have an object set to a camera when teh scene starts. To do this set up the acuators like this:
Properties: INT__GO__0
Property GO = 0 -----> AND -----> Set Camera Acuator
----> Set INT to 1

Oh, i’ve got an Idea too: You can use an ‘Always-Sensor’ with Positive and Negative Pulse Mode off. So, the Sensor shot only one Time at starting the Scene. Connect a ‘Set Camera’ Actuator to it. That should work. :slight_smile:


No, that’ll keep on firing, it won’t just do it once and that’ll slow it down if you have a lot of stuff going on.


is there a way to change the scene and switch to a specific camera on that scene at the same time??
do you think python could do it?

I disagree. An Always sensor with pulse mode off will act as if it were a ‘once only’ sensor, so Doc Holidays method should work fine.

As far as making realistic fire is concerned, im trying to use my capture card to capture a short burning torch animation from a movie (currently trying Indiana Jones :wink: ). If I get a descent enough animation of it, I’ll use it as an animated texture on a plane. 8)

Keith. 8)