Texture Animation

I cannot find a good tutorial on how this is done. Does anyone know of a version ‘for dummies’? I just need to continuously move a texture along a single axis. The tutorials I find are complex, with shadows and effects… I get confused before I even get close.

I don’t want cool watery effects. I don’t want shifting the path of the object. I just want 1 axis of movement on a face, and 1 image moving on this axis, looped, like a filmstrip with every frame the the same image.

I have basic knowledge of applying a texture to a face. I know how to tile this texture so I can get it to repeat. Now I need to animate it. My goal is to create an animated tank tread texture. This is the reason I need only a single axis and no special effects. Im at the end of my rope here.

Ok here you go. I just uv-mapped the tank tread and animated the offset in the x direction. Course you wil have to render a movie to see the effect. To animate an offset just hold your mouse over the offset in the map to panel and hit I.


treads-texture.blend (237 KB)

Thanks anyway man I really do appreciate all the help, but I just found out that texture animation from Blender does not carry over to Ogre, so once again my (and your) efforts have been in vain. This is starting to irritate. I really like Blenders interface, I don’t want to have to use another modeler.

It seems the only animation that carries over is bone animation. Whether its parenting or weight painting, bones work. I’ll have to find a way to make my treads follow a path other than a bezier circle though. Thanks again.

Don’t give up on Blender. It is the absolute best 3d package available, and the community is a great resource. Attached is a sample tank tread with bones. I just did two sections, and I hve not refined it in any way. But it should show that this too can be done.


treads-bones.blend (173 KB)