Texture animations and other Q's

I saw in one game a Fire animation. The texture was all together in one png but was seperated by white spaces for each seperate segment. Is that all I have to do to get texture animations? if it is could someone please explain how it works or the proper way to do this. A picture of the Texture and the Texture toolbar is shown. Also what actuator do you use to make an Action play? say I want the player to wave when I press w. Then I make an action using the action editor. Can I play that action? or do I just need to make each action a different section of the ipo? Thanks in advance!


hi JayDez,

I have a tutorial for animating textures (with example blends) on my website. The example it uses is for fire.

link to Texture animation tutorial

Note that there are tutorials for Texture Face Materials and Blender GLSL Materials but not Blender MultiTexture Materials. I can’t figure that one out.:frowning:

And if you want to use a flame texture with alpha, (which most people do) there is a tutorial for using alpha texture in the game engine.


Thanks alot!
This will really help me out!