texture animations

i allready ran into another problem, ive bein serching the web for quite some time, and it is imposible, no matter how many differnt ways i word it on google, to find out how to aply texture animations in the game engine,
i have made a water animation gif. (and just incase, an actuel video file), all i need to know is what file (gif’s?) and how to aply it to play in the game engine

I recommend that you use Doc Holiday’s Tile-Tex 5-in-1 script. Get it here: http://www.neewo.de/ToolsDemos.html#1

The documentation is in the file.

However, if you have not turned on “Use Blender Materials” in the Game menu, then you could use the UV face animation options. Enter UV Face Select mode, select the face you want to animate, then press “N” over the UV Window to bring up the Anim tools.

thanks alot