Texture anomalies

Hey guys,

I’m trying to make a procedural grimy/moldy bottle, it wasn’t looking too bad, but then all of a sudden I got the anomalies in the texture…

Any ideas what’s happening here? As far as I can tell the underlying mesh is fine as are the normals.

I take that back, it’s better in Cycles, but can still see similar problems.

Are there any internal faces or double vertices or anything like that? Have you tried the other mapping types like Generated?

Hey John,

The mesh is fine as far as I can tell, and it got much better when I swapped from Eevee to Cycles. Now there is just a faint line along a couple edges as seen in red here…

Now in blue you can see some stretching of some kind, maybe you can have a look at my nodes and see what you think. I wanted a procedural mold texture I could increase from the bottom of the object, and adjust with a slider to give more or less, depending on preference. It kind of works, but the anomalies above, and the bump isn’t right.

I wanted the image texture bump to increase/decrease with the gradient. To be honest this is the first procedural texture I have created myself from scratch so I’m sure it’s far from perfect.

Can you show what your model looks like in Edit mode with just solid mode shading? Or, copy and paste the blend file into a reply here if it’s small enough?

It’s part of a huge file but here is a look in edit mode.

If you unplug the bump map does the issue disappear?

While the bump setup looks weird and probably wrong, there is no bump effect in the original question, so I’m guessing it comes from other sources. Probably best to share the object so we could have a look at it.

The original problem is still there when I remove the bump. The stretching goes though.

Yeah I added the bump after, it’s definitely not bump related (though the stretching was related to the bump). The structure of the mesh is fine, I added a few support loops as I thought the subserf might be struggling with the minimal topology, but it didn’t seem to make a difference. I even tried removing the seams to see it that was causing some issues, though I’m not sure why it would if I’m using Generated or Object coordinates.

It’s strange to me that it was much worse in Eevee than Cycles. Anyway, how would you add the bump, I thought it was a mess to be honest so I’m curious how you would do it.

We only need the object with its associated data, mesh and so on. Save to a new file, delete everything else, and purge until as clean as possible. Use https://pasteall.org/blend/ if still too big to share here. Before uploading, check that the cleaned file still has issues.