Texture appear in viewport but not in render

As above, I was assign to make some simple model, but keep failing to achieve this one.

What I want (the problem is within red circle):

What I get:

How to fix this?


enoki_clean.blend (7 MB)

Please explain what the problem is
What you want and what you get seem pretty much the same !

If it’s the shadows then you’ll need to adjust the scene lighting
If you’re talking about textures then have you added the texture to the material. (your viewport is set to multitexture and since you have failed to supply a download link to your blend file, why have you not done this, we do not know)

sorry I am new to blender, forgive for asking silly question and not providing blend file

oh got it, thx anyway

Material.001 has a dirt texture but it is not assigned to the mesh faces; on the render Material is used which does not have texture.
Select all faces in edit mode and hit Apply button for Material.001. Was this it?