Texture appearing black (not due to lack of light)

I imported an obj from Daz Studio 4.9 using the following settings into Blender 2.76rc:

I’m able to view my model with its appropriate textures in the viewport…

…but when I render an image, the mesh appears black with a few white spots. I have a light right in front of the model and using Blender Render, but not sure why this is happening.

I also searched for Daz Studio to Blender tutorials, but failed to find a reliable or updated one. These are the tuts I’ve found so far:

If further screenshots are needed, I could upload more. Hopefully the solution doesn’t require having to install a script.


Added a dropbox link to the model if you’re interested in taking a look.
https://www.dropbox.com/s/6ygrllxv4pahhit/testmodel.zip?dl=0 (33mb)

Since version 2.74 (or so) Blender is able to preserve custom vertex normals of imported meshes. While this brought many positive effects, it can sometimes result in wonky shading in Blender with imported geometry.

Just delete the custom vertex normals that came in on import and all should be good:

Sometimes also simply turning off “AutoSmooth” can do the trick.

Shinji-san you’re awesome, that worked, thanks! There is a little issue though, not sure if it happens to you,
I cleared the split normal data, but where there’s light on the model it’s dark and vice-versa. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong.


Check the face normals after deleting the vertex normals: You might find that they are flipped.
Select the mesh, Tab into Edit mode, hit A to select all and then Ctrl-N to recalculate the face normals.

Yeah that did it! I’m sure making it all work in cycles is straightforward from here. Thanks again Shinji. I’ll change the thread to solved.

Good to hear. And if anything else happens in the transition to Cycles - just come back and we’ll figure that out, too!

Thanks Shinji. I did run into one more issue. I managed to get everything working in cycles except for the eyes and eye lashes. I’m guessing it’s a transparency issue? Aside from that, everything is working perfectly.


Could you give us a link to the file in its current state, so that we can check up on your node setups?

Sure, here’s a zip with the entire project: https://www.dropbox.com/s/39za5fsqghorfry/girl.zip?dl=0 (40mb)

The eyelashes are not UV unwrapped, so Cycles does not know how to apply the texture.
And it seems you haven’t set up the nodes for that material, yet? Something like this might work:

However, an initial manual UV unwrap is a must.

The eyes are a quite complicated stack of different materials (from outer to inner):

  • EyeMoisture
  • Cornea (“glassy” material)
  • Sclera (eye texture)
  • Pupils (eye texture)
  • EyeSocket (face texture)

All of those need to be set up correctly. This is my quick and dirty try:

Preparing the .blend file for download as we speak.

Wow nice render. The hair looks great too. I must have missed setting up the node in the blend file I uploaded, but regardless I didn’t get it working when I did. Can’t wait to see that .blend file. Thanks :slight_smile:

…and here’s the file: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/27650383/girl_export.zip
Had to replace the (commercial) HDR for the environment, so your render will look a bit different. I also did not set up every material, just the ones for head/face. All textures are packed into the file!

Amazing, thanks Shinji, that helped a lot! :slight_smile:

I made a whole account just so that I can respond to this post. It’s old, but it has helped me out sooo much! I thought I was going crazy because I couldn’t find a solution to this issue, and here it is. Thank you so so so much!!!