Texture Artist Needed to texture a dragon!

I need a good texture artist to texture a dragon for my game “Project Krypton”. Here is the .blend: ATTACH]109032[/ATTACH]

Thank you VERY Much! (Danke Sehr Viel! (Muchas Gracias!)) :stuck_out_tongue:


Dragon.blend (350 KB)

why does it consist of triangles

I’m going to tell you something mate… I really don’t think there are many capable of texturing the dragon(well, it’s actually a kind of a lie, since you can put any texture on it). Let me tell you that if you want to do a good job(and take a good approach to texturing ANY model) would be to First model a high poly version(with GOOD details), and after you finish it you may begin with a low poly version- this approach would be great for baking textures from the high poly model for the low poly one.(You’re going to need to rig the dragon too:))

Exactly what he said! :smiley:

I would try but I don’t like the head

most game engines only recognize triangles so if u have a square in acuality there’s two tringles not a square or otherwise known as a quad

Yes, however you dont have to make the model in triangles for the game engine to make it work. And besides, making it in triangles makes it notoriously hard to sculpt.

You know what? If you don’t like the dragon, then don’t bother about it. This thread was made to ask if anyone was willing to texture it, not to debate about tris in the GE.


I can try. PM me. What color scheme? Is the dragon “evil” or “good”? Multitex or GLSL?

  1. Before I do, you’ll want to modify the head, though. The mouth looks a bit flat.

  2. Did everyone here forget about ( Editmode \ Ctrl+F \ Quads from Triangles? :rolleyes:)

I think people have been debating why it’s in triangles partly because it’s a bit harder to UVmap a model that only consists of triangles, for one thing some of Blender’s advanced UVmapping options (Live LSCM unwrapping, ABF unwrapping ect…) may not even work well if there’s no quads. (which would be an issue if there’s a lot of polygons on the model)

The BGE will also automatically convert quads to triangles when starting up anyway.

its pretty awkward mesh to work with but ill give it a go.

Sorry, but actually, Dave, why don’t you try this? I’ll be away and won’t be able to work on this for a few weeks.

hi just quickly unwrapped the model and cleaned it up a little.


Dragon.blend (208 KB)

You might want to fix the mouth. The lower jaw’s proportions are wrong.

Ill give it a try in the morning and if you like it use it . If you sell a million games and get rich , kick me down about a lot of money ?

here you are, the diffuse is 1024 by 1024.
btw i added some teeth becase it looked weird without them but feel free to delete them.
oh i had to upload the blend file and the diffuse seperatly because they wouldnt fit in one packed blend


Dragon.blend (104 KB)

You need to learn some more about modelling, that is all.