Texture artists needed

Hi! Im doing a small film for a school project.
I have made a somewhat simple sphere like droid in blender.
Round with two guns on either side
What i need is some is some excellent cinematic textures for film work.
The droid will be a 3d model used in the film and will have to be
life like. This is short film but sci-fi in nature. I have a paint scheme
in mind kind of a rusty faded red red with maybe some wear and tear.

Please make me a reasonable offer and i will respond

thank you


artstation.com/sade . drop me a line, if you still need a texture artist. :slight_smile:

Hey I am willing to do it. Here is my portfolio http://ianblender.weebly.com/ Please contact me if the job is still up!

Thank you for the reply

Position has been filled


I know the position has already been filled.
If you need another artist in the near future, you can count on me.
I’ll leave my contact and a link to my portfolio.

Feel free to get in touch.

email: [email protected]

Danilo Castro