Texture as light source?

Hey guys, I’m trying to make a realistic sunset over the ocean picture. Everything is working out except the background i used isnt producing light, causing the water to not have a realistic reflection.
I’ve tried assigning the image to an area lamp but the results are strange and not what i’m looking for…anyone have any ideas?

Let me know if you need pictures of anything/descriptions of settings…

u need a lamp to be the sunset. and you can texture a lamp…see Lighting section in wiki. I guess you could also emit from the image, although that would not make the water look real. But if the image is actually of a beach, then set the Diffuse and Spec of the plane material to full, and the image will render like it does in any photoshop application.

Regarding your sig, I saw where Emory University was advertising a Film School - I think it was either in NY or LA, and might have been thru Walt Disney, but if you go the Emory.edu site I am sure you would find something about film.

Theres no beach…yet. Right now its just water. I tried setting a lamp to have the texture but it doesn’t work. Even when i set the area light to be the exact same size as the background image the reflection on the water looks like a regular point light, not an entire sky of light…