Texture Assigned to A Material automatically Goes to Other Material

Hi To All I have This Strange Situaton I assign materials to different Faces then i create a new texture into the
uv image section but…my texture is automatically assigned to other parts into the object as you can see from the image

can you help me?
here is a bettere explanation because my english is not really good hope you will understand me

So, the Texture (Mio Pavimento) from material “Part A” is being applied to all materials?

Try creating a separate new texture for each material. (Click the + icon)

My Problem Is the Texture you assign into the uv map Editor …when i assign the texture to a material other materials in the same object take automatically the same texture and if i try to change assignments to other materials/uv all they goes to the last created texture

yes into the texture panel i assign a new texture and also into the uv editor
the texture into the texture panel stay
when i assign a texture to a material/uv (into the uv editor) the texture is automaticaly assigned to other materials/uv
even separate objects like an house near my object

After Clicking all the blender Buttons i find the guilty
this little pin here