Texture Atlas addon HELP

Hi community. Love Blender with all my heart, not long ago i check out “Texture Atlas” Addon.

I’ve N objects, selected them, pressed “Add selected” (To Atlas Group), then pressed Start Manual Unwrap, modifiyed UV’s as needed, then press Finish manual Unwrap, and objects lose created uv((( Deleting main uv map didn’t help

before pressing “Finish Manual Unwrap”


blend file is attached
hog.blend (3.74 MB)

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Sorry, first thread!


Was this issue ever resolved? I’m having the same problem! First time using this addon, and I would love it if it didn’t completely get rid of all my UVs as soon I click the finish button!

I think I found what the issue was. The addon uses vertex groups to keep track of all of the models you joined together and uses those groups to separate them back out again. I think what I did, was while I was working on arranging my UVs and marking my seams, I had deleted some geometry in the model, which is something that I normally do as I unwrap, because I will occasionally notice stray faces in my UV map. When I did that, I changed the number of vertices my model had which made it so that the addon couldn’t return my model to it’s previously separated state with the texture atlased UVs, so it instead returned it to it’s previous state, which was before I created the texture atlas.

Really frustrating to figure that out the hard way after spending an hour re-arranging UVs, but now that I know that, I know that I have to commit to whatever geometry is in the model when I start atlasing, and delete unwanted faces only after I’ve completed the texture atlas. In the case of unwanted faces, I simply move them off to the side, outside of the 1 to 1 uv space and select them to delete them once I’ve finished the atlas.

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Unfortunately as images in original post were attached from the OP dropbox account now they are gone and post requires only downloading file for troubleshooting.
@aialexander thanks for posting your solution, it might be the reason for mentioned behaviour.

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It’s none of my business. But why would you go through all that when blender 2.8 got native Multi-Object Editing so you can unwrap multiple objects at once?

That sounds really awesome, but Blender 2.8 is still pretty new and has been labeled as unstable, so in the meantime, while working on projects for paid work, I am using blender 2.79 which doesn’t have this feature.