Texture atlas + tiling

Hello! I am looking for a way to use texture atlas, but tile it.

This means:
I have a texture atlas with multiple textures, some of them are tileable.
I want to make object UVs use that part of texture and tile it. I am using nodes.

Is this possible somehow, because mapping scale isn’t possible in this case and actually didn’t work like this while scaling UVs messes it up?


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BUMP, so is this possible?

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I’ve never got it to work. I tried using nodes without success.
But anyway, it’s not worth chasing too much, as the number of materials is more important than the number of textures. So all the objects that use a texture atlas should share a single material and have the same behaviour, like halo, alpha blending and tiling.

Well, I am doing the aplha blending and etc. I compress the materials to reduce their usage in scene. However - I can’t make one object use tiling, but other not. Maybe unless I use another texture to blend between mapping vectors(use mix color and set the value to be the texture). What about this?

I see 2 ways for you to tile it:
1: use a vertical or horizontal texture. If you line up your textures you can tile on one axis, then replicate the faces on the other axis.
2: Use one polygon reset your tileable object’s UV’s. As all faces will end on the same spot, you’ll get a perfect tile. However, you’ll have 1 face per texture tile!
You can use a second UV to add variation to your mesh afterwards! I’m facing similar concerns, and I was thinking of using python to place a set of vertices UV’s at specific coordinates. But I’m not there yet…

check out my youtube video on runners,

with horizontal runners, vertical runners, and intersections, you can hand tile and create some intricate designs, all using 1 atlas,

having a ‘mixing sheet’ could allow you to color sections differently
(like a stencile)

I think that BPR method may vary because I use nodes, but you use internal mateials.

torakunsama, I was wondering of second UV, but for some reason nodes support just one.

I just noticed that I can not tile the texture atlas with mapping, it is impossible. But why - why is that such stupid? I am using texture atlas for optimisations so I can’t afford to have multi-poly ground. What to do now?