texture atlas with tile textures

Hi all

I’d like to know if there is a way to use a texture atlas with tileable textures on it. In some cases I could just make the geometry tileable but with an uneven geometry (like a terrain or trunk) it is out of question.

I checked the Udim add-on but that’s “just” an improvement of projection painting. That’s not what I’m after. Creating and using a texture atlas is no problem as long as it doesn’t contain seamless/tileable textures. The problem is to tell blender to repeat the seamless texture which is part of an atlas over a mesh several times. The question simply put is: how to repeat a part of a texture in BGE?

There is a blog entry by Mike Pan called “ditching-diffuse-maps-efficient-use-of-textures” that might be useful to you. (can’t link, you’ll have to google it)

Anyway, it LOOKS like he is repeating a different (tillable) section of a single texture on some parts of his object, and other sections on other parts. He also says it works for BGE, which is what we want.

The problems I see are that (1) it’s not specifically what you are asking for I don’t think, still more along the lines of what Spirou4D mentioned. Sorry about this.

And (2) He uses some hack that relies on each texture being close to one of the three primary colors (Red sand, green grass, blue rocks). I don’t know if it works with full color textures, in fact, I would bet it does not. :frowning:

If it is somehow helpful though, let me know, I’m interested in this same info too.

Nope, almost certainly not what you’re looking for, separate textures, not an atlas :frowning:

“A better way to do it might be to have 1,2,3 as separate, tillable textures.”

Thanks Charles_S, that’s some useful stuff indeed.

Hey, I just found something that might be way more along the lines of what you’re looking for…


Check it out and tell me what you think.