Texture Baking also baking Diffuse problem.

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to bake some Generated Mapped image textures to a new UV Texture. Technically it’s working, but when I click Bake it also adds in the material’s diffuse color to the new image. Does anyone know if and how I can get only the textures (with alpha channel)?

Thanks in advance,

If you have “Texture” option selected for baking, it will bake all texture information including diffused color without shading effect from lights. Cant you just make the diffused color white or gray?

Hmm, too bad. =/
The thing is: I have two textures I want to bake out, one placed on top of the other. I’d like to bake each of them to their own new UV_tex, each with the alpha-channels still in tact. Do you have any suggestions on how to do this (i.e.: without diffuse color)?

Normally when you bake, all the texture layer is turned “on.” However, you can check only one texture layer and bake it out to make that map. But the alpha part is not created automatically. You need to make the alpha map from the baked image. And reassemble that texture image on your object.


Thanks for your input Ridix, this works fine as well. =) Too bad I can’t make an alpha map like this though.

I think you can. It’s very possible with Blender.