Texture baking - combining Emit and Glossy

I am pretty new to texture baking and can’t find any tutorial on how to connect certain nodes regarding texture baking.

I know I can bake the Diffuse pass with Direct and Indirect lighting, but since I want to make a camera animation I don’t want to bake the Glossy pass but render it instead. But how do I combine these two passes?

This is my current node setup:

  • Fresnel node (with a Bump Map connected to the Normal input)
  • Emission node (with the baked texture, existing of the Diffuse pass and Direct and Indirect lighting)
  • Glossy BSDF node (with the same Bump Map connected to the Normal input)

These three nodes are connected to a Mix Shader node, which is connected to the Material Output node as usual.

Is this a correct setup?