texture baking in blender

Could someone point me to a few tutorials on texture baking in blender, if it is possible ?

there aren’t any yet. it’s brand new. if you wish to understand more fully what the script is doing though, i would try doing a search in python and plugins, and reading the original release thread. basically, what you do, is,…set UV coordinates ( try the tut in my sig for that ) add a material and texture, and choose texture bake from the UV window.

Ok … I’m a newbie (obviously) … and I’ve read quite a bit about “texture baking” … what exactly is texture baking?

texture baking is when you take a procedural texture ( one that you made with the materials/textures native to blender ) and make it into a UV texture, meaning an image texture that is mapped according to your UV coords. There is link to a couple of tutorials i made in my sig if you need to learn about UV texturing. One advantage of doing this, is, you can modify the texture in a paint program.

Thanks. I’ve been embarrassed to admit before today that I didn’t know what “baking” was.