Texture baking "no objects or images found to bake to" issue

I can’t get texture baking to work with any object in a particular file. If I create a new cube, assign it a newly created blank material, unwrap it, create a new uv map, create a new image and link it to that uv map, and then bake it returns the “no objects or images found to bake to”. If I start a new file and try the exact same process step-for-step (new cube, blank material, etc) it works fine.

The file I’m working with was originally created in blender 2.4, so I’m guessing some global option has been tripped at some point that is effecting every object but I have no idea what. Cycles is disabled and the objects don’t have rendering restricted from the outliner page.


Supply blend file.

Assign faces to all polys in the uv/image editor not only at the material/texture settings.

without a blend file
one can only guess

so a guess
Your order of objects you selected is reversed ( the red outline should be on the object that is being baked to )