Texture baking not doing antyhing

I’m making a model for a game I’m making, I’ve made a high-poly model, and a low poly version of the model, and I want to bake the textures from the high poly one, to the low poly one, so I align them and click on back and then… nothing.

No error message, no crashes, it just does… nothing.

I’ve aligned them perfectly, it makes no difference, I’ve followed the tutorials, make a UV, and a new image for it to bake too, set bake to textures, clicked on selected to active, nothing works…

Well, I say that, sometimes, it works, it seems completely random whether or not it does anything.

Is there something I might be doing wrong?

set bake to textures,

Are you baking Full Render or Textures, and are there textures on the original mesh or is it just materials? You might test with simple cubes first to see what is causing it. What version of blender are you using, and are you using latest builds from graphicall or buildbot? I ask because maybe there is a bug you’ve discovered that might be fixed already.

I’m baking just the texture, just materials, yes, they are texture on the originals and I’m using 2.64, which is the latest one.

I set it to bake full render and saw that default it showed very little until I added AO to the scene, same worked for duplicating lamps to light the full model. When I baked textures only, it worked fine but didn’t grab the colors from the color ramps, only the diffuse colors.