Texture Baking question

I’ve been reading the texture baking tutorial from Blender. When the texture has been rendered, if I save the or export the object as an obj is the baked texture ‘exported’ with it?

You usually have to save the baked image to a textures/baked_something.png file. Then create a new material that uses this as texture image. Then you can export.
You can off course enhance the material by adding normalmaps (e.g. created from the baked file) if needed.

doesnt that mean that you are then limited to always using that object in the same viewing angle if you used it in other projects?

Only if you bake in Camera space. The usual choice for normal maps is Tangent space, which works for any viewing angle. It even still works if you change the pose of the object.

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When baking is done on image in UV window, press “Pack” icon right next to image name. That will pack that image with the file.