Texture baking reflections, both light and objects...

Is it possible for me to texture bake a light or object? I have rendered this material test and attempted to bake it and yet it’s leaving out the reflected light… I really don’t want that… I need the light. Any ideas or tutorials?

P.S. I’ve asked about 4 questions in two days… I do apologize for my ignorance and would like to say that I haven’t messed with blender in about two years.


did you change thre REFlection or Mirror for thtat material

it looks to me that the values in F5 shader panel hae not been change

whne you say bake are yu meaning making a normal map for this object ?


I’m trying to bake each and every detail, textures, reflections, etc… I’m using the baked textures in a game so they need to be realistic as possible. Before you ask though, I do know that I need a scene setup which I have, with lighting and such.

P.S. In the materials panel I have done basically nothing other than adding 3 textures for specular, bump, and diffuse color and modifying the textures settings.

may be you should ask in the forum for game ect,

might find more info there

sorry cannot help anymore - i;m not really into game engine!



Baking reflections and specular highlights is a bad idea if you want to move the camera, the object or any of the lights. The position and content of the reflections and highlights depend on their relative positions. Take a look at a shiny object and watch how the specular highlights move across its surface as you move your head around.

You should bake the base colours, apply it as a colour map and let Blender calculate the specular highlights dynamically. It shouldn’t slow things down too much.

Thanks for the help guys I’ll just post it in the gaming area.

I’m not using the blender game engine. The reality is I’m baking the textures to export them into second life which does not allow for accurate light or object reflection. I do understand that it’s not recommended but with second life’s graphics, an import of this nature is astounding.