texture baking uv coordinate problem

hey blender forum,

need some help from the pros.

i am just getting my head around texture baking and i keep getting stuck with one problem.

i have a building, all one mesh with about 5 different texture for the floor, walls, roof, door ext…

the whole mesh is uv unwrapped, but in order for all the textures to fit the mesh propperly i have had to scale and rotate parts of the mesh in the uv editor to fit the images properly.

so now i have a perfectly textured single mesh using 5 different images to make up my building. all fine.

now my next step is to create a bake. so from the tuts i have worked through i understand that i have to create a new single texture map that will contain all the image data in one bitmap. and texture atlas can asist me in doing this.

now the problem i have is when i create a texture atlas, all my image co ordinates and rotations are reset to default so if i bake, i will bake the images with wrong co ordinates.

this is where i get stuck.

all the tutorials i have seen don’t deal with this problem because they always use the textures as is. the never actually rotate or scale the original image.
does anybody know how i can get past this problem or maybe refer me to a tut.

i need help, i am stuck


Piet bez

Supply a simplified example blend file so we can actually see what you are talking about