Texture Baking

Hey guys, quick question. Do I need to bake the textures of my model even if I’m not gonna export the model?

Texture backing can be meaningful if a procedural shader is too complex that it would take too long for say an animation to re-compute it ever single frame. If it is simpler then you don’t have to.

Thanks man for the reply really appreciate it. Now the problem is when I’m baking the texture my pc just freezes once it gets to 90% and then I have to shutdown the pc an restart all over. My render settings is 10 samples with denoising turned on. So after I tried this and the same thing kept happening for up to three times, I decided to turn of denoising and after I did that and tried baking again it worked but this time with a lot of noise because, you know, 10 samples. So I don’t know what I’m doing wrong so any help would be appreciated Thanks.

hmm image too big, complex shader, anything… You have to give a little more info i guess.

By image too big do you mean the resolution? If it’s that, it’s a 2k image. And also the shader is not complex at all, it’s just a simple skin shader. I think the problem is with the denoising, because when I turn denoising off it bakes fine but with a lot of noise. Do you normally have denoising turned on when you bake? Or is there a way to manually denoise the image through the compositor? Thanks again for the reply.

Yeah 2K is bigger; also a lot of light/ lightmaterials makes the image noisy because of the number of lightbounces… if so: you may consider using less. Yes you may try the compositor for denoising… maybe going done with resolution for some tests… or first render then reimport to make denoise tests… (again notmuch info about the scene in general…)

Ok I got you. Quick question when you bake, do you have denoising turned on or off.

To be honest: i never thought about denoising while baking. Maybe because i had never so high bake times?

Ok thanks, you were a great help.

Not sure what you are trying to bake exactly.

As you are using denoiser and 10 sample it sounds like you are baking the lighting an reflections etc (“combined” bake).

The big question would be “why bake the lighting and reflections” (direct and indirect light)?

The resulting image would contain lighting, shadows, and reflections that would be re-lit and re-shadowed by the lighting in your scene it does not make sense.
If you bake reflections and you move or rotate your object, the reflections would be totally wrong, not to mention that if you have roughness settings in your material it will create new reflections on top of the ones you baked.

You have to ask yourself why bake and what to bake?

As Okidoki says if you are not going to export your model the main reason for baking would be complex node groups that take a lot of calculation. If this is the case you would not normally bake a “combined” image. It is best to bake “diffuse” (colour), “roughness” and “normal” maps separately in a pbr fashion.

If you are going to export your model this would also be the standard way to do it.

If you are not going to export your model it is not worth it unless your shader calculations are particularly long.

To bake these maps you only need 1 sample, there will be no noise as long as you uncheck “direct” and “indirect” in bake-Influence settings. It is the lighting and shadows calculations that create the noise.

The other reason you might want to bake “inside” blender would be to bake indirect lighting or reflections for Eevee, but that would be a different subject and requires light probes and cube maps etc.