texture baking

(jeotero) #1

it’s it possible to render lets say a scene using radiosity and then automatically apply those textures over the faces of the objects ?

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(jeotero) #3

how ? :slight_smile:

(Ben) #4

-Soory I didn’t read well your question.I have no idea if it can be done.
Sorry again.

(saluk) #5

I have not had much experience with radiosity, but if you get the radiosity to render right, and then go to edit buttons and click on the “Make vertex colors” button in the lower left, it will save the lighting as the vertex colors of the mesh.

Radiosity works something like this:
Go to radiosity buttons
Click on collect meshes
Click on “Go”
Click on save mesh
Click on free radio data

but for more complicated stuff like changine settings etc, I’m not sure.

(jeotero) #6

its because it would be great if the game engine can use the rendered textures and apply them to the objects in your scene.