Texture Baking

Hi Guys,

I’m a bit of a noob to blender - but properly loving it! Used to be a POV-boy, but I’m getting well into blender.

Anyway, I’ve come up against something I can’t figure out - and wondered if anyone could help!

I’ve got an animation with a load of objects moving about the place (they were created as dupliframes, but have since moved about). Anyway, I’d like to texture them so that at one moment in the animation they show an image. That is, each object has an element of the image (which remains the same for said object), and the objects move into position during the animation.

I’ve textured the objects with the image globally mapped (so that it’s consistant across the objects), and I figured I could do something like bake the textures to each object’s UV coordinates… in theory. But I can’t figure out how!

Any ideas?




This is where I’ve got to so far:

I’ve texture mapped all the objects with the image that I want (aligned appropriately for the moment in the animation).
I’ve gone to the relevant frame, and rendered to check it looks right.
Then I selected all the objects, went into edit mode, and uv unwrapped (cube projection seemed to work best for me).
I created a new image
Then pressed ctrl-alt-b and selected bake textures.

The problem here is, I think, that they’re all using the same material (as they were all made fom dupli frames). So, in the real time view, they all have the same texture (corresponding, as far as I can tell to the last object to have it’s texture baked). Also, the textures aren’t the applied to the object itself.

I know there’s probably stacks that I’m missing, and I’m probably trying something a bit beyond me at the moment, but any clues would be massively appreciated!



Right, and I think now I’ve had to do something to do with making everything single user - but I’m realising I’m out of my depth! It’s looking to me like if I try to do it this way (or along these lines), I’ll end up having to bake an save every texture on every object (over 100 objects!)…

Long day tomorrow!