Texture become purple after i deleted the source image

Hi guys…

i downloaded image as texture for my model. the texturing looks pretty good and already rendered. so, i saved that project and closed Blender. then i deleted the source image.
and when i re-open that project my model only has purple color.
so, any advice guys???

Blender is giving the model a purple color because it can’t find the image texture. You need to keep the image for it to be used. If you can, try recovering the image.

In the future, you can store external files (Image textures, sounds, videos etc.) in .blend files by clicking on “File” in the top bar, then “External Data”, then “Pack all into .blend”


Hi giwake!
big thanks for letting me know about this.
i’m really happy.
i already screenshoted your comment and put it in my “Blender Tips” folder.