Texture blending modes

Hi there… i’m confused whith texture blending modes… i’ve got an aim to put a rust to an object… so i’ve got a bitmap that should be the alpha for the rust… and when i’m appling’ all the textures some problem occures - that alpha is applied to the whole matireal so holed appears =|||

i’m not shure how to figure out my problem but still if some one get the point, please post the solution… or better give some link to docs on the problem if any…

  1. http://mediawiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/PartIV/Map_To#Multiple_Textures
    You may want stencil.

Alpha is pretty often misunderstood. The Alpha Button in the Map To panel governs the transparency of the material, not of the texture.

Oh… thahx a lot!!!