Texture browser

When using image textures is there a way of browsing files so you can actually see thumbnails of them before loading?

Image Browser

I did find that but clicking the image doesnt seem to load it as a texture

In the official releases, to load an image with the Image Browser, you Control-Click on the Load button in the Texture Subcontext (or the UV Image Editor or whatever). They did this because the Image Browser is really buggy.
Luckily, in SVN they have a completely new image browser with bookmarking and extension filtering capabilities. Eventually, they are going to integrate this into the regular File Browser.

Thanks, thats great .

Actually, just got home and tried it. Holding control just brings up the regular file window, not the img browser :frowning:

What am i doing worng?

-bump- Any ideas of how to get this working in 2,45?

It works in 2.45, although only in certain places, not all of them. It seems to me that this was a feature that was being enhanced in the upcoming release. As an example of current operation, go to the UV Image Editor window. Select Image, and hold CTRL while clicking open. You should get the view with the thumbnails.

See: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Re…/Image_Browser
for some of the new stuff coming.