Texture building inside out for game


I was wondering what was the best way to texture a building that you can go inside out with no loading in a game. Should I make 2 meshes 1 for outside and 1 for inside or make seperate meshes for every room.



Split it into scenes - 1 scene for the inside, 1 for the out. It shouldn’t have to load per say, just switch scenes. That way, your outside lights won’t affect the inside and vice versa.

Ok cool thanks but um I’m using Unity 3D I guess it`s possible to do that in the engine?

for unity, it is better to model the mesh with 2 sides instead of loading 2 different scenes for in and out.

I suggest you should try modular style building. where pieces, like doors, windows, walls, edges, roof are separate.
you can easily unwrap/texture these kind of modular pieces.