Texture CD tips?

(pofo) #1

I’ve had enough of resizing too small free textures, and even though I like taking pictures and have a nice digital camera, it’s sometimes very hard to find what you need when you need it (green lawns in winter, snow in summer etc.)
So I’m trying to decide on a texture CD to buy. But since they all claim to be the ultimate collection of textures I’m not sure which I should choose.
Any ideas?

Thanks in advance
8) pofo

(viktorivar) #2

Nice, very nice

(SirDude) #3

Not that this is a substitute but if you haven’t
checked out the materials library for blender do…

Its at: http://www.geocities.com/pollythesheep/matlib_index.html

(pofo) #4

Thanks viktorivar, I’ll definitly check that one out.

I have the material archive, it’s a great help when putting on materials in a hurry.

  1. pofo