Texture changes when switching to EEVEE (particles)

I have a problem with hair particles on my bird model. When I am in Cycles everything looks the way I want it but when I switch to Blender EEVEE the group of feathers that I’ve added to the body as hair particles don’t appear as the color from which they emit from anymore. What each particle feather is doing then is showing the whole UV map on each particle feather instead of emitting with the color of the point/vortex. Could someone help me with this? I would appreciate it so much… I’m sending the file if you would need details https://ufile.io/x5suvc57

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With Eevee, if you have a semi-transparent material, you have to set this dropdown (Blend Mode) to Alpha Blend. I think if you set this on your feathers it will fix your bird model.


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Hi yogyog,
thanks for trying to help but it didn’t solve the problem. Hope someone else can help me to solve it

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