texture channel

quick question. whats the maximum amount of textures that a material can contain? i need 11, but i start to get errors at 8, and i want to say the 4-6th channels show black. this is in a opengl shader by the way.

Why you need 11? Isn’t that a sign that your materials are too complex? Wouldn’t it help to split the mesh?

Sorry I can’t help you on that.

yeah i know. i have a temple model, and it has a few tile textures. n i had a shadow shader i wanted to get in it. but i have to many materials/ seperated pieces. i have to run each object through, and each material just for on shadow texture. so if all these textures were in one material. it would be cool. i already had a texture that set uv groups by color values.

after writing a shader that ran each material (fail ran slow) i attempted this method. i made a uv layer and put each material in its own color. i then ran checks on the color and isolated the uvs in the other layer with this data. but i ran into limits of the texture channels. so i was curious if someone knew about this issue.
So what i learned is that only 4 samples can be entered in a shader. I may be wrong. this came as a supprize. So like monster says its overdone this way. my next attempt is a texture atlas.

i’m aware of how the question sounds. however i just wanted to know if there was limits. And yes they are complex but I’ve cut as many coners as possible. this was gonna be my entry in the contest. it looked great and ran solid.