Texture channels problem?

hi !
i have three different textures (jpg) and have them mapped to an object with different ofsX and ofsY & sizeX size Y.

when i switch them in blender and render everything is cool !
but when i do this with python with:

footex = Texture.Get('SHIRT_CHINA')
mat.setTexture(0, footex, Texture.TexCo['OBJECT'], Texture.MapTo['COL'])

two textures work fine and 1 is moved a little bit !?
How must the channels be saved? because when i switch them off in the blend file i can´t load them with python. when i turn 1 on and 2 not i can switch them with python !
and when i turn all three on i can´t switch them anymore?
what does the index stand for in the setTexture() ? because when i change it i got weird results.( like 1 texture is at 0, and the second is on 1,2,3,4,5 !!) ?
PLZ HELP I´m tryin 4 2 days !! AARRGHH