Texture color problem

Rendered image adds purple color to texture for some unknown reason. Light color is white. What’s the story?

Edit: forgot to mention that rendered with Yafray. Blender Internal renders the texture with correct color.

If you don’t use the colorband all textures are purple by defult. To change this you can
1: use the colorband
2: Click on the “Map To” tab in the Material settings. Then change the purple box to another color.

I’m using the colorband and alpha values are 1.0 at both ends. It shows the color properly in preview (and in internal render). I’m guessing that it’s related to Yafray, but how?

Edit: I made an xml file from Yafray and found out there is a modulator section for the texture which has following line:
<filtercolor r=“1.278004” g=“0.850306” b=“1.000000” />

When I change values to 1.0 it’s no longer purple. So, what is that filtercolor?

Edit2: Solved! The “base” RGB values of texture color (shown when colorband is off) seems to affect the color. They must be set in 1.0 for neutral result.