Texture confusion

Ok… it’s late and I’m not sure what is happening here… I’ll do my best to explain.
I’m texturing using GLSL
I have an object thats shadless with transparency.
the texture its using is a png with transparency.
I started texture painting in the 3D viewport.
In the past I’d see the texture update in the UV image editor.
This time for some reason nothing changed… but the object I was painting was definately different.
Then I noticed that in the UV image editor, if the texture was displayed with colour and alpha I saw the texture unchanged, BUT if I viewed it with just RGB, I saw the painted changes I made in the texture.
I saved the texture, but when I open the image in gimp, I don’t see what I painted in any layer.
What gives?
How do I see what I painted on my texture?
Can I save out my texture from Blender with no alpha?

Sorry if this makes no sense, like I said, it’s late and I need sleep.
Thanks in advance for any help in the matter.

Eeesh, that didn’t take long… I don’t know what was going on, but I seemed to have figured something out.
I just saved the texture out as a jpeg and that showed the texture painting that I had done. I then loaded it into gimp and saved it out as a png with no alpha and it seems to work fine.
Good night.