texture coordinates realtime

ok so i have an object with an uv texture that i want to change depending on a property. Someone told me you could change the texture coordinates with python, so i put all the images together into one sheet and unwrapped it to only see on at a time. now i just need to know how to go about changing these in python. thanks

Yes, you can change the UV texture co-ordinates of the vertices in a mesh with Python.

You can do a forum search for a “UV Scroller script”, and you’ll surely find some good examples of how to change the UV co-ordinates of a mesh.

I think it would be easier to now use the new VideoTexture Python module found in the SVN. Not only can it do videos, but images as well. So, you can just change out the image. I think it would be a bit easier than changing the coordinates and trying to remember which picture has which coordinates :wink:

Moguri: Yes but i would rather this game be playable in all new versions. If a new release comes out before i am done i might switch to that.
Chaser: Thanks I’ll look into it.

If you compile the game as a runtime then it doesn’t matter what version of Blender that people have.