Texture correction inside Blender?


I realized I need an easy fix for my texture, but I’m unsure where to start in Blender.

If I were to do it outside Blender, I’d head over to GIMP, selecting clone tool an just smacked this weird ripple on the left with it. Nothing surgical.

Is there something similarly quick to do in Blender? I almost never worked with any images inside Blender yet, so this is all very unfamiliar territory for me :slight_smile:

Edit.: I just noticed I have an option to edit the image externally, but for this occasion, it might not even be necessary. Plus, I’d have to unpack the image first.

If you want to do it in GIMP, you can use Quick Edit:

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I’m unsure, if this is the workflow I should get used to (especially, if working with high res textures, this might create weird artifacts in some cases), but it’s definitely an interesting option to have! Thanks, Joseph!

Edit.: Damn it, I think I could work with top down view anyway, not being bothered with perspective at all. Silly me.

Blenders Texture Paint has a clone brush…