Texture creation tutorials for PSD/Gimp


I think it is a good idea to have some sort of library for texture creation. Hope others add more useful links for different textures.

PSD tutorials:

Stone Tutorials:

Snake skin:

That’s very nice! Always trying to make textures myself, mainly photograph based but when I try tile something, it’s too obvious… and hard to find the stuff you want to photograph.

Well, will try some of these using GIMP. Thanks for the list.

I love you for posting this. I always tried to paint proper textures and tried a lot with texture paint and mixing different textures but woithout much sucess.
This will help me a lot. Thanks

Tried to do the photoshop tutorials using GIMP (can work with both but I’m way better with GIMP and I like it more because it’s open source). Came to the conclusion that most of those tutorials use that one filter or that one button GIMP doesn’t have… Failed for most of the tutorials trying in GIMP, some things I managed to do using a different way.

If you find good tutorials like those but than for GIMP, let me know.

Or you could use Google Sketchup and take a lot of other texture then mix and mash them together and you have a new texture… (I’ve done a few of them for my free models…)

For making tiled textures from photographs there are fortunately these free tools:
Texture Studio

For creating Normal Maps:

or Shadermap CL

There also is a Normalmap Plugin for Gimp. I think this is the Link:

Besides, I recommend HSV Noise when you have a small Texture and want to size it up:
On these Screenshots it looks awful, but an upscaled Image can easily be unblurred that Way.

Couple quick tips for Gimp users if you guys havent seen or heard this stuff already.

  1. When you bring in a picture to make a texture first thing you should check is Color->Levels… you want the end sliders to close in on the black blob as much as possible and then tweak with the center slider. Uncheck the preview option to see this first hand. Next grab the rectangle select tool and drag a box the size of the power of two resolution you want(512x512) and copy the pic under it(you should see this update at the top corner of your brush tray if done correctly)-Remeber to start with a nice high res pic from cgtextures or whatever-Now make a whole new gimp file with the power of two resolution you used in your border select earlier.Now you can create a new layer and paste the part of the texture your gonna work on in your new document(Important to follow this step and paste in your copy clip because you need an alpha channel to work on your above layers).Select the little anchor in your layers tab to achor the clip to the layer. Close the source pic if you want.

2.Make a copy of your image, and then run filter -> Map ->Seamless. Grab a grungy brush and erase any blurry areas of the new seamless texture( pay atention not to hit the outside edges) When your happy make another copy of the base texture and merge the two top layers. Now you can check how well your texture will tile by Filters->Map->Small tiles. If things arent quite right undo the filter and grab your clone tool and a brush and get to work. Keep testing by Filters->redo small map and remember to undo the small map filter when your happy.

  1. When you have a good tileable texture make two copies of the tileable texture and run Filters->Distorts->Emboss on both of them. Make sure your depth slider is low and your elevation slider has a nice nuetral grey(subject to taste). Apply and you should now have 2 embossed layers on top. On the embossed layer directly above your base tile texture, set it to overlay. The emboss above it , set it to multiply with a 50% opacity. Adjust both layers to find the look you need. Now you should be able to merge the layers and head to the normal map process if you wish(remember to merge starting with the layer direclty above your base texture and work upward if you merge individually)

  2. I use Shader Map Pro and I love it. It only cost 19.95 and works great once you become familiar with it(light learning curve). Dont be jaded by the demo version because it only outputs in a low resolution. The real version does a great job.I can post tips for using it if anyone is interested, and I will post some pics in this post as soon as the upload works for me again.