Texture Creation

It seems to me a lot of low poly models are really just good textures. I wanted to ask how you would go about creating textures like scifi ships ect… obviously i dont have a scifi ship available to take a picture of so how do you guys go about this? Without having to use online textures, but creating your own. Thanks.

Can anyone lead me to a tutorial on creating realistic textures? I just cannot find any information on the web regarding it.

Well you can begin by making bump maps with lots of square outlines in black over a white background. Space ships are usually made up of lots of plates that are bolted/welded into place. This adds a ton of realism. You can also achieve this by going into edit mode, setting it to face select mode and deselecting everything then going down to select > random. then extrude those faces just a little. I’m no artist, so I have to break most things down into the basics; think about how the spaceship you are designing would look in real life, how it would be used and what its environment would be like.

I’m getting off topic. First thing you do is UV unwarp then export that uv unwrap as a png. Bring that png into Photoshop or gimp and paint on it. Pretend the png is a ships components and you have the job of painting them. Honestly Cycles does most of the hard work for you i.e. the shading, shadows, lighting. All you have to do is make a few stickers in Ps. If you need some inspiration, google eveonline ships.

Thanks for the help Brent! You at least guided me in the right direction.

Yeah man I struggle with this myself at times. Some materials are easier to fake than others. I’m sorta just digging into cycles after using Blender Render for a few years and Cycles has opened up a lot of possibilities to me and forced me to rethink many ways of doing things. I could never really use environment lighting or indirect lighting in blender render because it made my renders soooo slow, but since upgrading to a cuda core gpu I can now use cycles which does all that automatically. It makes a huge difference in how textures look, so I’m kinda relearning a lot of things.

In my experience the diffuse textures I make always look like shit in Ps, like 2d child’s colorings, but that’s only because they lack shading which will be added automatically in Cycles when you put the texture on a 3d surface. It’s mostly just tricks and learning how to look up those tricks online.
Topics for research:

  1. uv mapping/unwrapping
  2. bump, normal, specular, diffuse mapping
  3. differences between materials and textures
  4. Making images tileable
  5. making bump maps from image textures

photoshop :),youll need to leanr photoshop,all games using photoshop textures :slight_smile: so ;/

Actually, that is wrong. All games do not use photoshop documents as textures, though texture work is often done in photoshop. You can use Gimp, photoline, Krita, nDo and dDo, Knauld, and a mess of other applications to create textures, and the most recent one to get improvements is … blender. Yeah, check out the stuff from the GSOC build for Texture paint on graphicall for some really cool tools coming our way.

As far as getting realistic textures, you need to look at baking an Ambient Occlusion pass to an image as well - it can help when using to multiply with your diffuse textures.


this might be useful

Alright everyone thanks for all the feedback. I’ll check out those tutorials, thanks again.

I realize this thread is done, but I thought I’d post these 3 images I just made from images I took of 4x4’s.

Might have to invert the spec and bump maps to get them to look right. I never can remember which is which white or black for bump or no bump. Just click the “Download” button for the full size 3959x855 image of each. Use if you like. I don’t mind. Just posting them to play with. This is how I make textures.