Texture databases?

Does anyone know where of a blender texture database that you can download textures from?

I did a search on Google and I can’t find any.

Is there an official, or really popular website for that? :-?


I’m in the process of building a big 3D resource site. You can find the texture sites I’ve found so far here:

There are also a whole bunch of links to freeware and commercial texture tools.

this is hard to believe - googling for “texture database” gave me 305.000 results, with lots of good links on the first pages… search for “texture” gives some 3.100.000 results…

You will find a lot of resources here including texture links about half way down the page.


Also a real good texture link in itself.


Nice site tgremlin, I found it to be very helpful.

Thanks 8)

I just launched it this week so I´m just starting with adding all my bookmarks. There´s much more where it came from :wink: