Texture Disappears after saving :(

Hello everyone,

I have a problem with textures. Every time when I “textured” my scene and Im happy With it I save it. but when I open the saved file. All the Textures Are gone!! They still exist according to the butten window but I don’t see them any more. You can understand thad gives frustration!

Please some one, any one HELP!

I have a question - did you pack the texture images with the file? Also, did you UV Map them with assigning them as textures in the materials, or did you just set them as texface in the material?

First: No I didn’t pack the texture images with the file.
second: I didn’t UV maped them. just a texface image.

please tell me you have a solution…

You need to UV map them to get them to work - the texface is only for testing out textures in the 3d viewport to see how they align and stretch before commiting them to the material.
Set them as image textures in your texture channels and map to ‘uv’ and the should then show. Save your file, then close and reopen to see if that solves your problem.

oké. Thanks!
ps: so packing the file does not solve the problem when I want to do a simple texface?