texture disappears when joining meshes

I can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong. I had created two eyeballs, and put a texture on them with the iris and so on (followed the tutorial in Tony Mullen’s Introducing Character Animation with Blender). But to get the eyes to follow the rest of the body (which is a separate mesh) I joined them. The thing is that the texture on the eyeballs stops showing then! What’s wrong?

appreciates some help :slight_smile:

You could keep your eye’s ‘unjoined’ and parent them to the body. that way when the parent(body) moves so do the eye’s.

The texture most likely vanished either because of your material settings or because your UV maps have possibly changed? Does the texture show in a render?

When I ‘unlinked’ them the texture still didn’t show. But after some trixing with the mesh itself and the texture position-options I got it back the way I wanted.
I guessed that fixed my problem, even though it didn’t fix the fact that the texture disappeared when I joined them…
And no, it didn’t show when rendering either…

Well, thanks!!